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Spiral Heat Exchanger

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Repair & Service For Spiral Heat Exchanger

The crack is localized and accessibility for repair must reachable for welding purpose.

Windows is being cut to access to the crack channel plate in order to repair by TIG welded.

Air and water bubble test is carry out at 0.2 bar air pressure with support of 2 steel bars to avoid damaged on the spiral roll.

Structure and Principle

Type I ( Liquid/Liquid)

type-iAs the most common type, it is used for liquid-to-liquid, gas-to-gas and gas-to-liquid heat exchange. The high temperature fluid comes in through the inlet, located in center of the main body, to flow from outside to the inside. Due to this counter flow, high-efficiency heat exchange is available and can be used for a tiny difference in temperature. Any type of installation (vertical or horizontal is possible according to the usage.

Type II (Vaporizer)

This type is suitable for reboilers and evaporators for all kinds of fluid especially in the vacuum status and a low pressure condition. The flow rate of air is maintained at a proper level even for a large volume, and the pressure loss is minimized. It can be used for multi purposes by vertically connecting three units in a row.

Type II (Condenser)

This type is suitable for cooling and heating of gas and the condenser for processing large-volume gases (at a low pressure or vacuum) and mixture of gas and/or liquid. The low-temperature fluid comes in though the inlet, located on the side of the main body, to flow to inside along the spiral fluid passage while the high-temperature fluid comes in through the top and vertically flows to the bottom.

The both ends of the heat transfer plates on the side of the low-temperature fluid passage is blocked by welding, and the high temperature plates are all opened. In most cases, this type of heat exchanger is installed vertically, but horizontal installation is also available according to the usage.

Type III (Liquid / Vapor)

This type is mostly used for the liquid-vapor exchanges such as heaters, coolers and condensers, and has wide range of use. The low-temperature fluid comes in through the side of the main body to spirally flow into the inside while the high temperature vapor comes in through the top. And the flowed-in air distributed evenly to the front and center parts of the opened spiral-typed fluid passage, which generates combined flow in the spiral and axis directions. The condensed liquid an the non-condensed gas are discharged separately to different outlets.

Type IV (Liquid / Vapor)

The condenser on the top can be installed on the top of column or the reactor of kettle without piping work as the size of the connection part of the inlet for incoming vapor can be adjusted according to the size of the outlet to which the spiral-typed heat exchanger. Air comes into the pipes of the center to be divided into the spiral flow, axial flow and/or mixture of the two types of flow. The cooling fluid comes in through the surface of the main body to spirally flow into the center, and discharged through the top. The condensed liquid is generated in the main body or collected in the condensed liquid-collecting part of the main body.


The spiral heat exchanger has two metal plates in the form of spiral and comprises two fluid passages. While the multi-pipe heat exchanger depends on the several heat transfer pipes and has a number of fluid passages, the spiral heat exchanger has a single passage. As it can prevent adhesion of contaminated materials lowering heat exchange efficiency, and make the fluids from the counter flow which enables the highly efficient heat exchange.


High Total Heat Transfer Coefficient

As the spiral fluid passage is likely to create turbulent and the optimum flow rate is obtained by adjusting the width of the heat transfer plates and the gap of fluid passage, the spiral heat exchanger has high heat transferring.


Low Fouling

The single fluid passage of one pass structure distributes the fluid evenly to have less polluting materials adhered. Even when they are adhered, its self cleaning function peels off fouling by the speed of the fluid. It can be also applied to sludge.


Effective Usage of Temperature

The transferred counter flow enables heat exchange for even tiny temperature difference, and thus the spiral type is optimized for saving energy.


Space Saving

Its high-performance and optimized structure allow the compact design and low installation cost.


Easy Repair & Maintenance

The internal checkup can be done by just opening the cover of the both ends, which enables easy repair and maintenance.


1. Petroleum



  1. Produced water / Fresh water interchanger
  2. Treated crude oil / Fresh feed water interchanger


  1. Acid gas partial condenser
  2. Stripper reboiler

Ethylene Glycol

  1. Effluent gas / Feed gas interchanger

Ethylene Glycol

  1. Reactor feed / Recycle Interchanger
  2. Reactor feed heater



Acrylic Fibers

  1. Condensing of ACN recovered from the strippers


  1. Preheating of Glycol & monomer


  1. Preheating of strength & additives


  1. PVC Slurry interchanger
  2. VCM stripper / condenser


  1. Formaldehyde / Methanol Interchanger
  2. Product cooler / Heater


  1. Vapor condenser


  1. Resin cooler
  2. Condenser

F.E & P.P

  1. Azeotrope still Interchanger (PP)
  2. Heptane cooler
  3. Live p.p slurry cooler
  4. Granulate water cooler

2. Steel & Inorganic



  1. Bauxite slurry heater
  2. Bauxite slurry heater
  3. Red mud heater recovery
  4. Hydrate slurry cooler


  1. Zinc solution preheater
  2. Zinc solution cooler


3. Branch industries



  1. H2SO4 Cooler
  2. UDMH Cooler

Waste water

  1. Textile waste water
  2. Slurry interchanger


  1. Glycol cooler
  2. Gelatine heater


  1. Paint suspension cooler
  2. Fatty acid heater


  1. Methanol / water condenser
  2. Sludge interchanger
  3. Nitric acid cooler