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Spiral Heat Exchanger Servicing

We provide service & repair for your spiral heat exchangers to maximize the unit’s uptime and reduce the need to replace the whole unit. Our services can be on/off site and flexible depending on the conditions and requirement of our customers.

1) Chemical Cleaning of both circuit of the spiral heat exchanger

2) High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning

3) Gasket Removal and Replacement

4) Locate/Identify damaged or cracked sheets

5) Repair/Weld damaged or cracked plates by temporary cutting layers of spiral sheet

Quality Service

We are experienced in heat exchanger servicing hence we can provide the utmost quality service & maintenance for your heat exchangers.


We are able restore the efficiency of your heat exchangers maximum up to it’s previous conditions


We are able to provide different solutions and methods of servicing depending on the heat exchanger condition and our customer’s requirement.

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