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Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Servicing

Fin Re-Alignment

Identified misaligned fins can be re-aligned if the fins are thin and flexible.

Alkaline Cleaner Spraying

Spraying of cleaner agent on the surface of the fins to clean hardened scaling or carbonized particles.

Chemical circulation of tube side

Chemical circulation of tube side to clean out any scaling or fouling of the tubes. Typical chemical used are caustic soda and phosphoric acid.

Plugging damaged tubes

Identified tubes that are damaged, cracked or leaking can be plugged with only a small reduction in performance of the heat exchanger. Replacement is only required when 25% or more of the tubes are damaged.

Our finned tube heat exchanger services aim to remove fouling in between the tubes effectively without damaging the tubes or fins.
If any fins and tubes are found to be damaged due to erosion or corrosion, temporary repair can be done to prolong the unit’s operation without heavily effecting the performance.

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