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FUNKE Germany

Advantages of FUNKE Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE):


low investment, operation and maintenance costs


highly efficient heat transfer (K-values on average 3-5 times higher than in the case of bare-tube heat exchangers)


asymmetrical flow gap available for the most cost-effective solutions


use of smallest temperature differences </= 1 K


up to 75% less space required


self-cleaning effect due to highly turbulent flow behaviour


subsequent capacity adjustment high safety with regard to media mixing


easy to open/clean


low operating weight/ low liquid content Capacity


Plate & shell Heat Exchanger

Vahterus Plate & Shell (PSHE) Heat Exchangers combine the benefits of traditional heat exchangers. Utilising a fully welded plate pack within a strong shell construction makes Vahterus PSHE the most compact, thermally efficient and cost effective heat transfer solution in many applications. As a result of our innovative R&D, Vahterus PSHE is renowned as an effective, durable and compact solution in many instances where traditional Shell & Tube heat exchangers would be utilised.

XLG Spain

Corrugate Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

XLG manufactures XTube® corrugated tube heat exchangers and XTube Boxer® Scraped surface heat exchangers.

In addition we are specialized in Plate type and other special types of heat exchangers according to the requirements of the application.


Nexson Group is located in Burgundy, in the center of France.

Rich with 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing of welded heat exchangers, pressure vessels, filters and separation modules, Nexson cover a large range of processes and applications such as Refinery, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Coke Oven Gas & Steel.


The core of any HeatMatrix exchanger is a rigid matrix of connected polymer tubes. The thin walled tubes are supported over the full length by supporting ribs in order to provide strength and rigidity to the tube bundle. The connected tubes also provide a counter current flow pattern, which has the highest efficiency for heat transfer. The HeatMatrix exchanger can be scaled to any desired size due to the modular structure of the matrix.

The unique advantages of the HeatMatrix exchanger are:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Robust
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Counter current