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Why Corrugated Tubes

Corrugated tubes used in XTube heat exchangers increase the turbulence of fluids going thru, and therefore raise the agitation and mixing to enhance the overall heat transfer coefficient (U-value), and this way achieve higher values than those with ordinary smooth tubes under the same conditions. Bigger U-values involve smaller heat exchangers.

Moreover, the corrugation produces a self-cleaning effect on the surface of the tube, thus minimizing fouling. Consequently, lesser fouling means smaller heat exchangers and longer operation (run-time).

XLG Heat Exchangers

4 different geometries comprise the XLG range of Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers:

Tube in Tube: two concentric tubes

Multi Tube: several tubes inside the shell

Annular Space: three or four concentric tubes

Hybrid: a tube-bundle inside a tube-in-tube